Color Spectrum and Emotions

Color Spectrum and Emotions

Energy is everywhere !

Energy is involved in every known substance and interaction in the universe. Monitoring its level of vitality and color constitution have become useful tools to help promote optimal health.

Our Primary Goal

We provide both clients & health care professionals access to innovative applications that help monitor and begin to normalize the 80% of oxidative stress related issues recognized as the root cause of disease by the American Medical Association


What is Breathe℠ ?

Breathe℠ is our non-invasive assessment process that monitors the flow of subtle energy through the body.  We use instrumentation currently integrated into the healthcare systems of 32 countries and record the dynamic interactions of emotional, mental and incorporeal energy using sophisticated algorithms to identify the location of a client’s weakest link. 

Our process provides customers the necessary tools and energetic modalities to rebalance the body’s 46 reflex zones and 7 energy centers towards a state of homeostasis through education and lifestyle modifications designed to address the 7 basic quality life essentials.