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Nurture Your Body With Non-Invasive Treatments


Breathe Thermae is proud to offer a wide variety of top quality, proven products to achieve and maintain a healthy balance in the comfort of your own home.

BEMER Microcirculation Therapy and its Benefits

Breathe Thermae is proud to offer the innovative BEMER technology as part of our well-being product collection.

Watch this video about the role of Bemer Therapy in improving blood flow and enhancing the overall health of your body.

Colour Baths®

A collection of all natural, non-pigmented colour resonant bath essentials to immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of each vibratory colour frequency created to target your weakest energy center and restore balance.

Statera Collection and the Benefits of Energy Alchemy

Breathe Thermae has partnered with Domani Healing Studios to introduce an innovative essential oil product line created to rebalance the body, mind, and spirit.

The actual oils themselves hold powerful chemical constituents that affect the physical and energetic systems of our bodies. Coupled with the power of our intention for healing, release, acceptance, peace, joy, etc. the oils support us on both the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of existence.

Legacy Group Natural Products

A collection of all-natural, non-pigmented coloSmarter ingredients make safer, more effective, eco-friendly, and affordable products people love. However, identifying the best naturally derived and plant-based ingredients isn’t easy. It requires advanced knowledge of where to source better ingredients and how they improve the product’s effectiveness through advanced formulations developed by world-class research and development scientists that include a wide array of patents and manufacturing expertise that few companies can match.

Breathe Thermae Inc. is a proud member of the EMPA. We understand the value of Energy Medicine and seek to constantly raise the standard and esteem by which Energy Healers are held. We have seen the benefits and life changing experiences associated with Energy Medicine and believe in the power of community.

As an Energy Medicine practitioner, we have the ability to shape the development of this amazing healthcare industry. EMPA actively supports us in this endeavor through its benefits. By joining like-minded professionals in sharing information, gaining knowledge about the latest industry news, and increasing our skills with tips and tools.