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Restorative Health & Wellness in Palm Springs

Breathe Thermae, Inc. is a preventive health & wellness destination in Palm Springs, CA, offering a complete, scientifically validated, biofeedback approach towards restorative health care. Not only do we offer safe and non-invasive technologies to monitor and optimize the performance of the body, but we are also a one-stop destination and community resource to the public for those seeking more comprehensive and inclusive ways to monitor their health bio-energetically.

Do negative thoughts occasionally surface and effect your mood?  Do you eat any processed or GMO foods?  Do you drink bottled water from plastic?  Do you sleep less than 8 hours daily?  Are you absent of a daily exercise routine?  Do you breathe poor quality air or harsh odors from chemicals from cleaning supplies? Do you use synthetic, and subsequently toxic, health & beauty supplies?  Do you spend less than an hour a day outdoors connecting with nature? 

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you most likely have a bio-energetic deficiency which could be holding you back from being your best or achieving your goals.  If you answered yes to two or more questions, these deficiencies are most likely resulting in oxidative stress, known to be the root cause of most diseases, and impacting your overall health & wellness. 

7 Key Life Essentials


Breathe℠ is a rapid and non-invasive process designed to identify energetic blockages or dysfunctions in less than one minute. Once your weakest link is discovered, our process is geared towards providing the necessary tools designed to enlighten clients regarding the 7 basic quality essentials required to keep the body in a constant state of homeostasis.

Every known interaction requires energy to facilitate movement. If you think of your body as a conglomerate of densely packed energies, it’s easier to then relate inharmonious activity at the subatomic level directly to one of 46 reflex zones that we monitor. As a result of each measured vitality, a client can identify what organ systems are stressed and which are balanced. Our bodies cannot tell the difference between an actual experience that triggers an emotional response and an emotion fabricated through thought process alone – i.e. worrying about something negative that may or may not happen. Our process and tools will help navigate you on a path of self-discovery and self-transformation closer towards your bliss path and a life of complete balance & fulfillment.

The Science Behind Energy Healing

Breath Thermae Inc. is a proud member of the EMPA. We understand the value of Energy Medicine and seek to constantly raise the standard and esteem by which Energy Healers are held. We have seen the benefits and life changing experiences associated with Energy Medicine and believe in the power of community.

As an Energy Medicine practitioner, we have the ability to shape the development of this amazing healthcare industry. EMPA actively supports us in this endeavor through its benefits. By joining like-minded professionals in sharing information, gaining knowledge about the latest industry news, and increasing our skills with tips and tools.

To learn more about Breathe℠ or to make an appointment, contact one of our Energy Assessment practitioners today!

“During the process of rebalancing & letting go, you may lose many things from your past. However, as you do, you will rediscover your authentic self.”

– Frank Lewandowski 2019©