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Energy Center Rebalancing (ECR)

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Breathe℠ advanced chakra-balancing treatment 

Even though the body appears to be a corporeal object, in reality it’s a field of energy, transformation, and intelligence. When we look beyond the molecules that make up the matter of the body, we see fields of subtle energy. Breathe Thermae’s utilizes technology developed from over 25 years of clinical research that can monitor the flow of these subtle energy vibrations and give us insight into the energetic health of the body with over 90% accuracy. The objective of the balancing treatment is to strengthen the mind-body connection.

Ancient Vedic knowledge tells us that this vital energy moves through defined channels and concentrates along the midline of the body. These 7 energy centers or “wheels of energy” are called chakras, and each of these centers relates to a core human need. When a center is open, the energy that flows through that chakra enables needs to be met more effortlessly. If there is a blockage in one area, energy becomes congested or stagnant and intentions are more difficult to actualize.

We offer an advanced integrative chakra-balancing treatment, Breathe℠, based on a combination & fundamental principles of Energy Medicine, Colour Energy, Reiki, Myo-facial Release, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Radiesthesia, the teachings of Jill Leigh including the Advanced Energy Healing coursework at the Energy Healing Institute in Portland, Oregon, The longer the session length the more integrative tools are incorporated for increased effectiveness. During a session, your therapist will work with you to balance & set your energy centers by placing attention and intention on each chakra location. Each session is personalized to address the specific concerns of the client or energy weakness identified through Biofield Analysis monitoring. Specific color vibrational energy, bio-geometrical shapes, mantras, and assessment tools are used to increase the flow of energy. The goal of each session is to help facilitate deep purification, transformation, and rejuvenation.


Disclaimer: Please note that integrative treatments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease and is not a substitute for medical care. Please consult an appropriate health care practitioner about any medical concerns that you have.

You can benefit from routine Energy Assessment screening (EA) if you wish to improve:

• Release emotional pain stored in the astral or etheric regions of the body from unresolved experiences
• Experience more vitality
• Shift the energy around deeply rooted beliefs & behaviors to help you break free of habitual patterns
• Nourish, develop, and further integrate specific positive traits

• Experience inner peace and clarity during any transitory event
• Deeply cleanse and nourish your energetic channels
• Supplement and support your spiritual, emotional, and incorporeal systems
• Enlighten your inner intelligence to promote transformation towards your true potential

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Breathe Thermae Inc. is a proud member of the EMPA. We understand the value of Energy Medicine and seek to constantly raise the standard and esteem by which Energy Healers are held. We have seen the benefits and life changing experiences associated with Energy Medicine and believe in the power of community.

As an Energy Medicine practitioner, we have the ability to shape the development of this amazing healthcare industry. EMPA actively supports us in this endeavor through its benefits. By joining like-minded professionals in sharing information, gaining knowledge about the latest industry news, and increasing our skills with tips and tools.