Breathe is our preventive biofield screening process that facilitates restoration, wholeness, and well-being through Quantum Energetics.

With over 25 years of clinical R&D, the Biopulsar-Reflexograph from Auramed is the most advanced bio-resonant device in the world today and an integral part of the healthcare system in over 32 countries worldwide. Our Non-Invasive Process Provides Real Time Assessment of:

Vitality Level & Flow of Energy Throughout the Body
Physical, Emotional, Mental, Incorporeal Toxicity
Tabulate Your System’s Adrenal Level
Identify Deficient Reflex Zones
Cellular Health & Hydration
State of Oxygenation
Spinal Energy Flow

Over the past 25 years, 32 countries around the globe have integrated Biofield Analysis into their medical, health & wellness programs. It has since emerged as a viable preventive wellness tool to monitor the energetic state of over 46 human reflex zones providing data equally as reliable as a polygraph.
Your overall health is only as strong as your weakest link. Our qualified biofeedback analysts can measure the current vitality of the body’s 46 energetic systems, identify the most vulnerable area and determine if its origin is physical, emotional, mental, or incorporeal in nature. Utilization of our interactive process Breathe℠ enables a client, analyst, or health professional the ability to create an individualized wellness plan and acquire the necessary tools to make the best conscious choices encompassing 7 key wellness parameters & essential lifestyle modifications you can integrate into daily living to improve your health & happiness.
Breathe Thermae also provides the community access to emerging global wellness technologies, alternative medicine recommendations, and a full line of natural products that restore wholeness & balance to any observed energetic dysfunction or anomaly. Our mission is to provide our customers affordable and preventive wellness solutions that empower them to reclaim their “Locus of Control”.


Daily living in today’s environmentally complicated and polarized world can lead to many pressures upon the body system. Theses stresses often result in:


Everyone has a weakest link. Knowing yours can provide a roadmap to begin the reversal of years of neglect and enable you to operate at your true potential. Come see for yourself why Breathe Thermae’s innovative approach is rapidly becoming a viable tool for those in the Coachella Valley seeking more preventive wellness solutions. Call 858-241-4678 to schedule an appointment or to speak with a biofield specialist.



Breathe Thermae, Inc. is a preventative health & wellness destination in Palm Springs, CA, offering a complete, scientifically validated, biofeedback approach towards preventative health care. Not only do we offer safe and non-invasive technologies to monitor the performance of the body, we are a one-stop destination and community resource to the public for those seeking more comprehensive and inclusive ways to monitor their health in a commercial, retail setting.

EASE® is our proprietary and intellectual process that provides a real-time assessment of the body’s current energetic state. The analysis records the weakest links observed within the body’s reflex zones and immediately provides a customer options to improve the observed energetic imbalances. Breathe Thermae offers its own line of medicinal quality products including essential oils, minerals, nutritional supplements, topical creams & sprays, Color Energy®, Bio-Photonic, Ayurveda, and Raw Food dietary & gastronomy recommendations for healthier living. Our wellness modalities and products were created to harmonize the energetic flow of your life creating balance.

The focus of Breath Thermae is to educate consumers and begin to bridge the gaps that currently exist between our industry sectors. The goal is to foster collaborative and synergistic relationships between the sectors of a fragmented health & wellness industry offering earlier access to customers to monitor their state of health in real-time. Our commitment is to educate the population on preventative health treatments. Our process is designed to improve the body’s performance by addressing energetic issues before they take root into physical form.

Breathe Thermae currently offer 6 scientifically proven techniques with over 50 years of combined scientific and clinical research & development that can be introduced independently or combined into an effective preventative treatment regimen for customers. One of our primary goals is to empower individuals to begin monitoring non-physical and energetic imbalances that directly impact their health.

We offer informative & viable health & wellness options that enable a customer to choose a price point that matches their budget. These include biofeedback analysis, microcirculation therapy, meditation entrainment, energy attenuation, bio-photonics & color energy, and hydro-thermal therapeutic modalities. Treatments at Breathe Thermae exceed the standards one comes to expect from a spa. Customers are pampered in ultra-comfortable treatment rooms with the finest products, linens, and state-of-the-art equipment.

We offer the latest advances in magnetic skin-care products, anti-free radical and anti-aging agents, and emerging products and technologies that has been evaluated by rigorous quality control standards and scientific validation. All products and services have a money back guarantee to ensure we maintain exceptional customer service.


Our Objective & Approach

  1. Identification of Viable Research & Technology
  2. Educating Consumers of Precursory Health Option
  3. Mainstream Assimilation of Emerging Technologies
  4. Creating Affordable Preventative Health Alternatives