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Blue is a mentally relaxing bath and ideal for sleep problems and hyper-active children. It connects you to holistic thought and enhances communication.


Blue Colour Bath® and the 7 Life Essentials

Red is recommended for the enhancing of the following life essentials:



First, fill the bathtub with warm water followed by a capful of the desired Colour Bath®. Then, enjoy a relaxing yet stimulating bath experience!
For a more therapeutic effect, add a few drops of a recommended essential oil blend.


When should I use Colour Bath®?

Anytime! Each colour helps to balance our body’s energy with its own energetic signature, which are known to affect our mood, energy level, and well-being. A colour bath is one easy way to help attain harmony and equilibrium in our lives. Try experimenting with different colours of the rainbow!


About the Colour Bath®

RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW are “warm” and stimulating colours which give us physical energy. We recommend them for a morning bath to help get your day going. GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, and are “cool” and calming colours. They are best used before bedtime, however, can be used at any other time of the day. For your further enjoyment, we have added PINK and TURQUOISE to help remove aggression or strengthen concentration, respectively.


About the Colour Baths®

Colour Bath® is a fun and easy way for your body to absorb the benefits of vibrational frequencies. Bathing in the natural element of water combined with colour creates an incredible healing atmosphere – one that the body recognizes and enjoys! A collection of all-natural, non-pigmented colour resonant bath essentials to immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of each vibratory colour frequency created to target your weakest energy center and restore balance.

Each spectrum of light vibrates at a different frequency thereby giving you its own special qualities and influences. Subsequently, colour has its own powerful language. Since our human development begins in a water environment (the womb and giver of life), imagine the strength and power when colour and water are combined with a therapeutic essential oil & sound bath.

Note: Colour Bath® is an organic colour pigment and therefore should be used within one year of the purchase date.
Information provided does not substitute for professional medical advice and care.

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