About Us

                             Pioneering Restorative Wellness

Breathe Thermae, Inc. is a preventive health & wellness company located in Escondido, CA.  We offer a complete, scientifically validated, energetic approach towards restorative health care and have rapidly become a community resource to the public for those seeking more comprehensive and inclusive ways to monitor their health and happiness. Our non-invasive technologies monitor the flow and vitality of energy consumption throughout the body and provide each customer an individualized, energetic roadmap to naturally nurture the body to a balanced state of homeostasis.

BREATHE® is our proprietary and intellectual process that provides clients a real-time assessment of the body’s current energetic state. The analysis records the weakest links observed within the body’s energy centers and reflex zones providing immediate options to  customers designed to improve any observed energetic imbalances.  Our highly trained staff educate customers on available therapeutic modalities and products clinically proven and scientifically validated to facilitate healthier living. Our wellness portfolio was assembled to further harmonize the energetic flow of your life and restore balance to the body energetically.

Our Objective & Approach

We have a thorough 4-step system to assist our clients in their wellness journey.

Identification of Viable Research & Technology

Educating Consumers of Precursory Health Options

Mainstream Assimilation of Emerging Technologies

Creating Affordable Preventative Health Alternatives

The focus of Breath Thermae is to educate consumers and begin to bridge the gaps that currently exist between our industry sectors. The goal is to foster collaborative and synergistic relationships between the sectors of a fragmented health & wellness industry offering earlier access to customers to monitor their state of health in real-time. Our commitment is to educate the population on preventative health treatments. Our process is designed to improve the body’s performance by addressing energetic issues before they take root into physical form.

Scientifically Proven

Breathe Thermae currently offer 6 scientifically proven techniques with over 50 years of combined scientific and clinical research & development that can be introduced independently or combined into an effective preventative treatment regimen for customers. One of our primary goals is to empower individuals to begin monitoring non-physical and energetic imbalances that directly impact their health.

What We Offer

We offer informative & viable health & wellness options that enable a customer to choose a price point that matches their budget. These include biofeedback analysis, microcirculation therapy, meditation entrainment, energy attenuation, bio-photonics and color vibrational energy technologies.

We offer the latest wellness breakthroughs including innovative products and technologies that have been evaluated by rigorous quality control standards and scientific validation. All products and services have a money-back guarantee to ensure we maintain exceptional customer service.

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