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I founded Breathe Thermae, Inc. in 2017 as a community resource to begin educating the general public, holistic practitioners, and the entire health & wellness industry about quantum energetics and the applied technology available to monitor health holistically.

I identified an apparent void and observed a lack of synergistic and collaborative partnerships within the wellness sector and launched my company with a timely mission to provide the Coachella Valley a unified resource and commercial access to emerging technologies & treatments. Until now, the mental – incorporeal system has been limited in scope with providing scientific tools that accurately identify energetic congestion, measure organ system vitality, and monitor the metabolism or flow of energy throughout the body. 

With several decades of scientific development and applied research, Breathe℠ has evolved into an innovative preventive wellness tool intended to navigate each client along an individualized path of self-discovery and self-transformation with 90+% accuracy in identifying energetic dysfunctions and toxicity. I further refined the technology in order to provide our allopathic counterparts the additional scientific correlation and relevant organ system assessment data to begin to bridge a fragmented health & wellness industry here in the United States.

“After a successful scientific career in drug discovery research spanning more than 30 years, I realized that despite all my accomplishments towards the advancement of science and the development of novel treatments for disease management, more needed to be done to identify viable preventive wellness tools to better monitor health. “

Frank Lewandowski
President & CEO, Breathe Thermae, Inc.


Through The Power Of Our Minds, We Can Create Wealth Or Poverty, Prisons Or Palaces, And Joy Or Suffering.


Heart Rate, Blood Flow, and Oxygenation are the keys to your health & wellbeing. Your diet & lifestyle fuel your thoughts and emotions that propels you forward in life. Understanding how metabolism not only converts food into fuel but also thoughts into movement will help you better regulate cellular communication in your body and maintain homeostasis. By discovering your weakest energetic link and working towards reversing its observed cellular oxidation, you will begin to familiarize yourself with the subtle flow of energy through your body. Monthly energetic scans are recommended and will help you to effectively monitor your progress and identify in real-time your current weakest link. Since you will always have one, our goal is to help you continually balance all 43 energetic zones and over time provide you all the necessary tools to optimally regulate the daily stresses in your life.

Through the power of our minds, we can create wealth or poverty, prisons or palaces, and joy or suffering. The thoughts and images we repeat in our minds are like a personal mantra and what our very powerful minds turn into our reality. This is the knowledge that can liberate your life from lack, loneliness, limitation & fear and was assembled from over two millennia of philosophical & technological advancements from the visionary work of venerated global philosophers and wellness practitioners. The technology is currently integrated into the national health care systems of over 32 countries globally. By detoxifying your body of accumulated energetic toxicity and the mind of negative & limited thinking, you can begin to reclaim your “Locus of Control” and improve your overall health and happiness.

My personal experience from this process has been profound, and I never anticipated the scope of what I set out to accomplish in 2011, would have the ability to change so many lives. It provides me great joy and personal fulfillment to help people overcome life’s challenges and provide affordable tools, that when fully embraced, cannot only comprehensively monitor health & wellness but also work miracles.

Breathe Thermae Inc. is a proud member of the EMPA. We understand the value of Energy Medicine and seek to constantly raise the standard and esteem by which Energy Healers are held. We have seen the benefits and life changing experiences associated with Energy Medicine and believe in the power of community.

As an Energy Medicine practitioner, we have the ability to shape the development of this amazing healthcare industry. EMPA actively supports us in this endeavor through its benefits. By joining like-minded professionals in sharing information, gaining knowledge about the latest industry news, and increasing our skills with tips and tools.