Toxins In Our Daily Food Staples!

We often take for granted and place too much trust in our globally branded products assuming that they consistently meet FDA requirements. It’s time to pay closer attention to what we eat and drink.  In all honesty, natural products are the way to go!  Whole foods & home grown fruits and vegetables will enable you to remove any doubt and introduction of toxic chemicals you and your family unknowingly consume.

Toxins accumulate in the body and over time can impact your quality of life. Breathe Thermae provides energetic assessments to help you determine if any of the 7 key essentials required for a healthy life are being unknowingly compromised.  BT:FOOD will begin to educate you on proper nutrition and the importance of balancing Alkaline and Acid food in your diet.

Visit and learn about our preventive wellness process and how nutrition can help you reclaim your “Locus of Control” to better balance the energetic flow of your daily life. We promote natural healthy alternatives for quality living.