Breathe thermae


BreatheThermae is a multi-dimensional wellness company that identifies and treats imbalances at their root source with Breathe℠ our proprietary, cutting-edge technology and comprehensive diagnostic testing. Learn more about how to naturally resolve persistent symptoms with affordable Personalized Wellness Plans. We provide Lifestyle Modifications, Nutritional & Supplement Guidance, and a multitude of natural products and services, created through the lens of Quantum Science and Ancient Global Whole-Medicine paradigms.

The Future of Restorative Healthcare is Now

Meet the first multi-dimensional wellness practice created to help you resolve any health obstacles. Our whole-body perspective and individualized plans heal all layers of your multi—dimensional body from the inside out.

Live Life Fully

BreatheThermae assists its members with reclaiming their locus of control and achieving a state of optimal health and happiness. Learn how to decrease medical costs and living life fully.

Get to the Root of Your Symptoms

Our innovative process Breathe℠ provides complete multi-dimensional care. One-on-one consults combined with leading edge testing and comprehensive analyses help clients achieve a balanced state of health and happiness.

Merging Ancient Wisdom with Advanced Technology


Our practitioners and care teams are also trained in Quantum Psychology, Ayurveda Nutrition, Energy Medicine and advanced biomarker testing and analysis for the most comprehensive and effective approach to improve your health.

To learn more about Breathe℠ or to make an appointment, contact one of our Energy Assessment practitioners today!